Sunday, September 06, 2015

A few changes of NeoBux

NeoBux have implemented a few changes:

Mini Job bonuses
 Standard  members will now have a 15% bonus for every $1 of completed tasks (previously it was 12%).
 Golden  members will now have a 30% bonus for every $1 of completed tasks (previously it was 24%).

Coin offers pending period
To avoid fraud, and in order to protect our offer providers, coins will be pending for 60 days (as they were initially). This is only for new offers, all previous ones will have their credit date as is.

Ultimate members rented referral limit
To avoid certain members maintaining a monopoly regarding rented referrals and thus helping other members having referrals available they will be increasing the maximum value per referral rental to $2.40 (previously $1.20) for users going above the pack's 4000 referrals limit to avoid setting a limit on the actual number of referrals. This means that below 10000 referrals nothing will change. They will keep it at this low amount first to see if this helps and this will be evaluated in the following months.

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